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Ordering Information

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Welcome to Organic Culture's Ordering Information page.

If you are interested in ordering samples/swatches,yardage,etc,please contact us via email or by telephone.
We do appreciate foreign business.Some restrictions may apply.All prices are in USD.
Please visit our shipping page for rates and information.
We accept money orders,certified bank check,Visa,Mastercard and only wire transfers thru Western Union,for security reasons, and customer/s is responsible for fees when using this type of transaction.
Please keep in mind that when selecting a payment option,consider processing time.For example,paying via personal bank check,you should expect a longer processing time.Paying via Western Union, or Paypal will ultimately be the quickest processing time allotments.
*Note:Ordering outside of the USA can also add time to order processing.*
Due to the recent demand for sustainable/organic based fabric,we are processing orders as we receive them.Please allow 3-6business days for processing before shipping of fabric.Sorry for estimated delay time,but we are just so overwhelmed right now.Also,if you are in a rush for fabric,try and place your order asap.We are not going to be responsible for late shipping because a client waited to long to place the order. **Also,please read our policies before placing an order,as we expect all new and previous clients to do so before placing an order. We have noticed some unusual behavior with some clients we have worked with in the past.We are working to curb such behavior.We ask that you follow some guidelines before working with us: *Read the Polices Page *We will not work with rude and selfish people that needed their fabric yesterday.You have to understand that we have client inquires around the clock from all over the world and try to reach out to every client we can.We like what we do,and no longer are going to be stressed out by impatience clients.If you fit this description,then please take a moment to breath before contacting us or ordering from us!!!

Shipping Page

  Please also note, that the ordering of large quanities of swatches can take a bit of time as we are consistantly handling multiple orders at once.
Organic Culture Philadelphia., PA 19107 USA