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Organic Culture Philadelphia., PA 19107 USA
Welcome to the Organic Culture Website.Organic Culture's mission is to produce and provide sustainable and earth friendly fabrics which offer quality product to our valued customers.But most importantly, we provide quality fabrics which contain no additives nor preservatives which harm our earth and the culture in which we live in.Our innovative fabrics range from 100%certified organic cotton to bamboo,hemp,and ecospun. Our fabrics are produced in the United States in sweat shop free environments.Our customers range from students whom need our special fabrics for projects to large textile and apparel companies whom rely on our product to sell all over the world.We gladly welcome international business to our products and services.We also sell some of our products,that we carry indefinately, via wholesale.Wholesale rolls are normally 40-45 yards per roll.You can view our special wholesale pricing on our product's page.Besides our extensive fabric selection,we also offer services which range from consultant services to sewing and seamstress services.Please check out our Services section on the navagation bar. Again,feel free to look around and we look forward to working with you!
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