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All leadtimes given,when asked are just ESTIMATES!We will not be responsible for any factors which are out of our hands.These factors may include but are not limited to:

Mill production schedule
Shipping arrangement problems
Payments not clearing

In the event that a payment must be held until clear on said client's part,we are obligated to start prodution once payment has been cleared.We will not start leadtime production/s anymore untill said payment has cleared no matter the form of payment.

All returns must be authorized by Organic Culture. Organic Culture will issue a refund or credit once item/s have been returned.

Returns and Refunds:All returns and refunds on SPECIALTY ORDERED FABRICS are subject to a 25% restocking fee of entire order,plus costs of any shipping associated.This is also subject to deposits on leadtime fabric as well.

We can not accept fabric altered in any way.

Fabric that has been dyed per order but is not wanted,is subject to a decision of a refund or non-refund depending on the circumstances

Claims:All return claims and requests for refund/s must be submitted to Organic Culture within 14 business days after receiving goods.

If a refund is granted,we uphold the right to issue the refund within 30days from the date of the refund request.

Any leadtime based order may not be refundable due to:

Change of mind after placing the order

Finding another supplier

Higher shrinkage ratio/s then expected

Leadtime becoming further extended due to the Mill's operations,factors which are out of our control.

If leadtime order is placed,however customer decides that he or she does not want the order,and decides to become unreachable,does not return correspondance and/or does not supply the required additional payments if asked,after a payment schedule has been in place for an order,we uphold the right to refund any deposit/s,etc or not after 60days of last correspondance with said customer.

After 60days,we will deem the order cancelled,and the client will be charged the 25%restocking fee on the total order amount. Said Client will then become responsible for contacting Organic Culture to take further steps,etc regarding any remaining refund,etc.Organic Culture will use its discreation supplying a refund or not after the 60day limit.

It will not be Organic Culture's responsibility to chase down a client who has abandon their deposits,etc.

Organic Culture obtains the right to issue a credit towards a future purchase rather then a monetary refund,at our discreation.

After receipts,invoices have been sent to client/s,it is the client's responsiblity to review our Policies and Ordering Information.

Once client has placed an order,they have agreed to our Policies and Ordering Information guidelines. Organic Culture will not be held responsible for client/s who have not reviewed over our policies before placing an order